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16 Sep 2023, 18:43 #143077
This list is sort is sort of a thing I randomly threw together. Some of it may be inaccurate so please let me know. Also, if I missed anything feel free to add on! I'm not perfect and some of these later tricks are above my own knowledge. Reminder that I am only considering r6 in this as well.

1. Ladder sticking. Unlike trusses, ladders can be a lot jankier. It is VERY common that pressing spacebar on a ladder will not actually make you jump off. For this reason, jumping off ladders is considered inconsistent and it is recommended to flick off of them instead as it is consistent.

2. Ladder / truss flicking. If you flick your mouse at the top or the bottom of a truss and then jump immediately afterwards, it'll cause you to jump upwards instead of leap off. This is true with ladders too, except it works on ANY point of a ladder. Alternatively you can line your camera up perpendicular to where you are facing and use shift to essentially "flick" off instead. This is known as a "shift flick" and is MUCH MUCH easier. For whatever reason, shift flicking tends to give you more height than distance compared to a normal flick.

3. High jumping. High jumping can be performed by flicking your camera at the start of a jump. It'll make you jump SLIGHTLY higher. Additionally, forcing a lag spike at the start of your jump can also increase your height, and the two can be combined with a lot of practice. There is also a method known as sit jumping, where if you jump once you hit the ground in a sit animation, your legs will boost you upwards higher. It is not used very often, but the equivalent of it in jtoh is known as a "heli highjump" in which you replicate the effect using the helicopter emote. high jumping only works when up against a wall.

4. Dance2 clipping. You can clip through thin walls using emotes. The most prominent being the dance2 clip. You align yourself against a wall, then turn your camera perpendicular to yourself. Once your arm is stuck as far out as it can be, you turn on shift, putting your center of mass on the other side of the wall and clipping you through.

5. Wall hopping. Using a well timed flick, you can hop on the intersection of two walls. This is hard to do in succession, ESPECIALLY without alignment keys.

6. Corner clipping. This method no longer exists, and I only wrote it down here in case you were wondering on whether or not it existed... The answer, it does not.

7. Glitch wrapping. This also no longer exists, as it was patched along with corner clipping.

8. Laugh clipping. Walk up to a wall facing it and jump one time. DO NOT TURN AROUND YET. Now use the laugh emote. When your head is the FURTHEST back, use shift to turn DIRECTLY around you. This may cause you to fling when done through very thicker walls (around 1 stud). Also, the jumping is optional and just used to ensure more precision for the setup.

9. Lodging / Lodge Walking. To lodge yourself between two walls, jump between them sideways and then turn while inside to face forward. Once you are facing forward between the two walls, hold either d or s. You will remain frozen in place. In this state you can walk back and forth so long as you DO NOT let go of d or s.

10. Ledge grabbing / long jumping. Not really a glitch, but you can walk VERY FAR over to an edge while facing sideways. Then, turn yourself until your body BARELY falls off the edge. Doing this will cause you to grab onto said edge in a climb animation. You can now jump off the edge and it will bring you a further distance than a normal jump. FOR MASSIVE LONG JUMPS: You now while in a climb animation must CAREFULLY turn your body close to 45 degrees from the platform. Reminder that overdoing it will drop you off the platform. Once you feel comfortable, perform the same jump, where you jump off the edge and use shift to make sure you can grab the ledge you are jumping onto.

11. Walkarounds. If you are fast, you can walk around a block without jumping. Would recommend first person for this.

12. Dance walkarounds. I might mess up explaining this, but it is similar to a walkaround but you use the dance2 emote to get yourself further from the point of origin. EXTREME WRAPS can be handled this way too.

13. Cheer Jumping. /e cheer can be used as a VERY TINY JUMP. Only thing I can compare it to is the ice hat from hat in time. This won't be used often.

14. Body Dragging. If you are masochistic, you can drag yourself across a gap by lodging your fucking chin into a wedge above you (At least I think that's how it works). This is INCREDIBLY PRECISE AND INCONSISTENT. To do this, you need to be at about an 8~ degree angle towards the direction you are facing. Would personally just ignore this tbh.

15. Flat clipping. This has also been removed with corner clipping.

16. Controlled flinging. This is performed by flinging yourself using a block above you. It is called a control fling cuz it (typically) won't ragdoll you, but instead just fling you in an upright position. You want to find a block very tightly above you, and then angle yourself 30-40~ diagonal of where you want to go. Then spam jump and poke out of the edge. It should fling you across a gap. Should...

17. Wedge flinging. You can fling yourself by jumping in a similar fashion but INVERSELY into a wedge. By inversely, I mean facing the opposite direction. By a wedge, I mean where a wedge and block intersect having the wedge be facing the gap. It's kinda weird and inconsistent.

18. Frog jumping / flying. You can jump on two peoples heads and just fly upwards by doing this indefinately. Not sure how tf to do this tbh but it is an existing bug.

19. Wedging (I think). Basically when trying to put yourself in a gap you don't fit WHILE on a ledge, simply turn backwards with shiftlock and walk that direction. For some reason you are able to squeeze in backwards but not forwards... DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TURN AROUND, IT WILL FLING YOU!

20. Lag switch / freeze bouncing. If you freeze your client right before or during hitting the ground from a very high jump, it'll force you to bounce back upwards a good distance. Inconsistently...

21. Wall walking. It's like wall hopping but you have to do it without jumping so it must be performed perfectly every few frames. You genuinely are not doing this without a macro... Sorry.

22. Two Stud Climbup. You can climb up 2 studs if you do the following. Turn your camera sideways to the ledge. Then, press in VERY fast succession, d or a (depending on where you're looking), shift, then jump. It takes practice but this is an awesome thing to learn.

Videos explaining it better than I can:

:worried: :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried:
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16 Sep 2023, 19:32 #143078
i use these techniques at work and at home
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16 Sep 2023, 19:34 #143080
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16 Sep 2023, 20:03 #143081
Roblox's engine and movement is genuinely an art form of its own.

check out this little video to just see how beautiful a roblox character pulling off these jumps truly is.
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17 Sep 2023, 10:31 #143109
this some real the dreams i have where its a nonexistent version of mario 64 shit
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18 Sep 2023, 18:49 #143175
i'm glad you're posting, but i have to be honest: i have no idea what you mean by any of this.
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