Hiding my Fan Art and OC's in this thread

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15 Jul 2023, 02:08 #140503
Social Media is Dying. Forums are the last place of refuge so I'm posting my art here cause fuck it. Art Archive Time. Cringe is dead

A lot of it is fanart stuff so I know a lot of you don't care/are ambivalent to it but that's okay. I use a bunch of it as PF pics and signatures so a lot of you have seen it anyway. Gonna post the stuff I've done in the last 6 months or so.

Here's Sasha Waybright from Amphibia. Fun show, weirdly my favorite character, I've never liked mean girls but she goes through a great character arc and I just love all the physical changes from like cheerleader to bloodthirsty barbarian. And she's bi so that's super cool. Also I got the eyecolor wrong so I unironically believe that's why the posts didn't do well with her on social media


This is my fan art for the finally of The 0wl House. My favorite cartoon ever. Technically this is really spoilers but if you haven't watched the show yet you are DEAD to me. This did really well on tumblr which makes me happy a lot


Vee fan art, Vee is my favorite TOH character, I've had them in my profile and sig many times they are in it right as I post this. This is art I did of Vee calling Masha an enby goth, another character in TOH I ship Vee with, It's like mostly cannon but nothing actually confirmed besides the creator saying "Ah maybe, sure, death of the author so go wild." Below it is a fanart of Vee from someone named stitchedspider's fantasy AU. Sick siren vibes. I love it when people make Vee monstrous.

Lastly in this thread I will include my new TOH OC i just made and I will include the bio which probably will be meaningless to you all but I hope you appreciate them <3

Their name is Xena, they are the tenth basilisk made by Bellos so they are younger than Vee (Probably 4-5 years younger, Hexside age by the end of the timeskip)

The basilisk form is based on an Eastern Blue Tongued Skink with the scale pattern and the blue tongue!

Xena's really into creating art and drawing on everything. Because the basilisk's were an extinct species they have no art and no culture so Xena is taking it into their own hands creating a new generation of art representing the species but also representing who they are as a person.

Speaking Coven wise (Though the coven system is gone by the time they go to Hexside) they would probably be in a smaller artist coven, OR they would be split between the Builder Coven and Illusions.

Xena is kind of a scamp with their art, spreading it to the human through graffiti and popup sculptures. Their art is sometimes a little messy and rushed but it's the pinnacle of their expression and the creation of their own culture
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27 Jul 2023, 23:37 #140816
You cannot hide them from me!

They look cool
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01 Aug 2023, 13:29 #140930
these are so awesome!!
i love the sasha one :3
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04 Aug 2023, 01:36 #141008
holy shit these are awesome?? your animations are amazing, and i love your stylizing!! totally get the social media burnout, sometimes it feels like talking to a wall even if you love the blorbos so much. solidarity there, and seriously cool art!
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n e way thanks for giving the cracked novelist in my head ideas :bighappy: ~Chance