College Buddies Memetic Thread

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17 Oct 2022, 02:20 #131652
Thread for memetics of the classic comic book series, "College Buddies". Given that the series is an internet sensation, I'm sure you have a ton of memetics about it stored away on your hard drives- Heck, you might have had to buy a whole new computer because you filled up an entire computer's memory with dank, spicy College Buddies memetics. They're the best type memetic! Here are a few to kick the thread off. Can't wait to see your dank College Buddies memetic stash! :bean:
College Buddies image macro 1.png
College Buddies image macro 3.png
College Buddies image macro 2.png
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22 Nov 2022, 06:55 #133090
i love the college buddies
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