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14 May 2022, 21:08 #124043
It's tough keeping a good conversation going at a bowling alley as one person is always filtering out of the group to roll.


Here's their path as they leave the group to pick up their ball, roll, wait and pick it up again, roll again, and walk back. (Path varies on final game frame)


The problem is the bowler is on display and set so far forward in a noisy environment that it's just too much effort to try to communicate with them. You just end up sorta signaling each other from a distance.


I propose we move the booths closer to the lane.

And if we want to squeeze more lanes in, we can adjust the orientation of every other lane.

And if the sound of crashing pins directly behind you bothers you, no worries. A pair of aviation earmuffs come with every shoe rental.
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14 May 2022, 21:33 #124044
I propose we have more bowling alleys in general the one in my town was torn down in the 90s I think they should rebuild it
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14 May 2022, 22:06 #124047
those fucking earmuffs are a pain in the ass to wear when you have glasses on
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