King of Limbs kinda slaps

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17 Apr 2022, 22:13 #121037
Listening rn and why did people hate this album when it came out? I find it relaxing
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26 Apr 2022, 02:22 #121978
agreed. it grooves. one of the best radiohead albums, i especially like little by little for its hooks. closest they ever got to making the trip-hop record that should have come between ok computer and kid a
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totally hip
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06 May 2022, 21:28 #122599
bump. i think this album is definitely overhated also. i think that on repeated listens a lot of the cool textures and loops really stand out, it's really different for them but thom loves brainfeeder warp records esque electronic type shit a lot so it's not super surprising anytime they go in a more digital direction. lotus flower is also just sincerely one of their best songs ever. i prefer amnesiac but TKOL is one of their strongest records imho
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