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18 May 2021, 05:57 #105214
well i havent been on The Orb in a while im so sorry sometimes im sad when i'm on The Orb.
but now i'm here again but this time i would like your money because i'm 90% sure i should be moving into my own little place some time soon and i kind of need to save up for things like bleach, sponges, a mop, spider web removers, a fence to keep goats in, goat food, paint for my walls, wood for my floor, probably a tv, a washing machine, a microwave, rat food, cat food, window cleaner, and other similar things for moving into a new place.
so i am offering to make you a fursona but im serious about it. im no good at drawing so i have purchased premade bases that i just design the characters right onto.
i am asking for like $1 for the single front view thing and maybe $2 for a full ref sheet. though i would much prefer £1 and £2 because i am british.

if you want one just explain to me everything you want it to look like. but i am limited because i am using bases remember. any species furry pretty much, even dragons and sharks and birds and sheep, rodents. cats dogs. horses. even a strange mix of many animals or somethign weird and new. and also tell me about what kind of colours you want. and patterns. whatever you want! i can do any gender and even big bazongas if you're into that. ( specify if you want any nipples on them please and if so, what colour?) (i wont be doign anything more nsfw than bazongas, got it?)

or i can make your character that already exists on these bases because i am allowed to.

if you would like me to do one of these for free i will because

sorry i cant get the images to work on here so EXAMPLES are HERE (ignore the prices on here because i am offering Orb Discounts for you guys)
you can also pay me on this site but if you for some reason cannot understand how it works then you can come get my email so you can just paypal me.
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