supersonic #1: nacht rock

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28 Apr 2021, 03:15 #102360


a weekly song prompt focused on lyrical songwriting in different genres
all songs must include vocals and be under three minutes in length
you may use any instruments and samples necessary
to achieve the desired effect

all submissions are added to a soundcloud playlist
deadline will occur every wednesday
the next being May 5, 2021

supersonic #1
"my life, my lover, my lady is the sea"

write a song under three minutes in the traditional style of yacht rock for a
late night cruise
well produced melodic tunes that contain elements of jazz, funk, and blues
typically including complex and wry lyrics, perfect for dancing on your fifty million dollar
super-yacht into the early morning hours

some examples include:
what a fool believes - the doobie brothers
rosanna - toto
FM - steely dan

lyrics must contain reference, or be partially themed
in relation to at least one of the four topics
- the ocean
- "fools"
- a nighttime party
- escapism

godspeed o7
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godspeed everyone
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