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04 Apr 2021, 20:59 #98996
in case anyone would find it useful, here are compiled links of some of my favorite most used free vst effects and instruments.... you've probably come across them if you've done a little digging on websites, but if you haven't, check them out if you'd like
distocore disto::fx - huge list of presets for extreme crush fuzz and a handful of nice subtler ones. very tweakable and epic hard core design
oxe fm synth - so many great sounding presets... if you are into fm synthesis please explain how to tweak the knobs......
guitar gadgets - i mostly use this one for the microcassette setting, worth for just that
blue cat's flanger - simple flanger with good presets, "it's good"
camel crusher - "it's free distortion and fuzz"
old skool verb - simple reverb easy to tweak with good presets, "it's good"

that's all i got rn o k!! :yum:
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