Timeline Decay

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Timeline Decay is a phenomenon experienced by some people involved in the "quest to save MikeOfficial", apparently resulting from cursedsynth's temporal manipulation (see full "quest to save MikeOfficial" page for details on this. It is characterized by by the apparent rewriting of personal histories, and seemingly contradictory events occurring simultaneously.



Records show that the "Daily CoolScienceFact", a longtime feature of the orb, is and has always been the responsibilty of WolfCola. However, some users apparently remember a version of events in which the feature was curated by CursedSynth, most notably CursedSynth himself. Cursed also remembered some other characteristics of WolfColas being his own, notably her chatchphrase "great to be here." While this initially caused CursedSynth a great deal of stress, he and Wolfcola came to an agreement, and all CoolScienceFacts are now listed as a "CursedCola production"

Mandela effect posts

This manifestation took the form of two threads, both apparently posted by BargainBinBastard. They were titled "MANDELA EFFECT: Burger king used to be called "McDonalds"" and "MANDELA EFFECT: McDonalds used to be called "Burger king"". The resulting threads were originally identical, save for references to "burger king" and references to "mcdonalds" swapped, however, the eventually diverged.